A gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself

This is a one-of-a-kind original writing instrument, made by craftsmen and craftsmen in Japan, one by one. This is a masterpiece made in Japan using a variety of materials such as rare wood, Mino Japanese paper, and acrylic. It is popular as a gift for loved ones and as a reward for yourself.

Recommendations for March and April

8 Color Pen

8 Color Pen Beautifully grained ballpoint pen carved from carefully selected precious... 

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Making things using the material “wood”

wooden scented ballpoint pen

In addition to the texture that we feel when we touch wood, elements that appeal to our five senses, such as the color, unique grain, and scent of the wood itself, have a positive impact on us.

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Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site Mino Washi (Yuzen pattern)

Brightly colored Mino washi pens

Washi paper made with water from the clear Nagara River is a traditional technique that has been popular in Japan since the Nara period, and the beautiful Yuzen pattern is a heartwarming part of Japan's culture. Finished with resin coating on Japanese paper.

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For those who love flowers

gem acrylic pen

A writing instrument that you always want to have on hand, love, and use. It allows flower farmers to color petals using their own cultivation methods, and a flower shop in Hida Takayama developed it as a "pressed flower sheet."

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A must-have item for music lovers

Ballpoint pen that looks like a musical instrument

Using processing techniques used for high-end guitars and violins, we sprayed natural wood with airbrush and urethane paint to recreate an extremely realistic musical instrument. This is an irresistible item for music lovers.

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