Collection: Mino Japanese paper ballpoint pen

Mino Washi/Yuzen pattern

A one-of-a-kind, high-end gift made with traditional materials such as origami and chiyogami.
Handmade ballpoint pens, metal pens, mechanical pencils, and fountain pens with Japanese patterns are popular, combining the beauty of nature such as cherry blossom and Yuzen patterns with the traditional craft of Mino washi paper.
The texture of natural materials and unique designs are attractive, and each piece is carefully handmade.
Every ballpoint pen is handmade and has a unique appeal. The cherry blossom, pressed flower, and yuzen patterns are highly recommended as they look great on Instagram.
Recommended as a gift for loved ones such as coming-of-age ceremonies, Father's Day, Mother's Day, employment celebrations, Respect for the Aged Day, birthday presents, etc., or as a novelty for golf competitions.
Rare, handmade, high-quality Japanese paper accessories that stand out, are emotional, and photogenic.

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