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Shape Pen Acrylic ballpoint pen with exquisite balance shape 0.5mm / Pink TAB2011

Shape Pen Acrylic ballpoint pen with exquisite balance shape 0.5mm / Pink TAB2011

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“ShapePen” series

The streamlined form has a center of gravity at the tip of the pen for good balance in use, and features a uniquely designed shape that reduces fatigue even when used for a long time. Acrylic resin is the most durable of all plastics, and it is carved out of a material that maintains its beautiful transparency, making it a product that you will want to use as if it were a piece of jewelry.

●Acrylic resin

Acrylic resin is the most durable of all plastics and maintains beautiful transparency.
Impact resistance: 10 to 16 times the impact resistance of glass.
Weather resistance: Resistant to UV rays and will not deteriorate over 10 to 20 years.
Transparency: Boasts greater transparency than glass. Glass has a light transmittance of 92%, while acrylic resin has a light transmittance of 93%.
Electrical insulation: A material that can withstand high voltage and has high insulation properties.
Temperature adaptability: Can withstand temperatures from -40℃ to +60℃.

<Ballpoint pen>

Metal fittings: Made in Germany by DAYACOM Core/Black: 0.5mm
Comes standard with refills for oil-based ballpoint pens.The size indication of a ballpoint pen is the diameter of the ball at the nib.

・About compatibility with commercially available products

It can be replaced with the "4C type" from a domestic manufacturer (Tombow).
Mitsubishi Jet Stream Prime Refill SXR-200 Replaceable spring is not included with the refill. Please be careful not to lose it.

I would like to recommend it as a heartfelt gift.

  • To celebrate passing exams, admission, etc.
  • To celebrate getting a job
  • For those in sales and customer service who often open their notebooks in front of customers.
  • For stores that often require customers to sign when paying by card.
  • As a gift for those who have taken care of you
  • To reward yourself for your hard work

A balance pen with a unique and easy-to-hold shape. The 0.5mm fine writing comfort allows you to draw letters smoothly. This pen is especially recommended for people who love writing. If you use it with a book or notebook, it will improve your writing speed and accuracy.

Our pens are carefully made by craftsmen. The shape and design were good to begin with, but in addition to that, some tweaks have been made. As a result, you will find writing to be a lot of fun from the moment you pick it up.

This balance pen not only makes your hands look beautiful, but also soothes your soul. Pink hues give a bright and lovely impression. It is also a perfect gift to give to your loved ones.

Although this pen can be used for a long time, please be careful not to expose it to direct sunlight or high temperatures. Also, please use refills with the same shape. Please pick it up as an essential item for work or study.

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