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Flower Pen Hydrangea /Hydrangea (light blue) TFB2020 bl PARKER type

Flower Pen Hydrangea /Hydrangea (light blue) TFB2020 bl PARKER type

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TFB2020 Flower Pen Hydrangea/Hydrangea (light blue)

[Flower language of hydrangea]

The general flower language of hydrangeas is ``lively love,'' ``remembrance,'' ``proud,'' ``kindness,'' and ``alone beauty.'' The flower language of white hydrangea is "tolerance". "Lady" "Rich culture"

Hydrangea is a flower of the genus Hydrangea in the Hydrangeaceae family. The scientific name Hydrangea comes from the Greek words hydros, meaning "water", and aggos, meaning "jug".
Because it is a flower that absorbs water well, it blooms during the rainy season when it rains a lot. The color of hydrangeas often changes depending on the acidity of the soil. Therefore, the language of flowers is "fickle". It expresses the nature of hydrangea well. Dried flowers are also often used for decoration.
Despite its gorgeous appearance. It is said that there is a flower language that means ``aloof beauty'' because it does not have much of a scent.

“For those who love flowers” ​​A gift that brings the four seasons of Japan

A ``Flower Pen'' gift with cute little flowers trapped like ice.

~I want to give it to my beloved mother~

Introducing writing instruments that you will always love and use at hand.
Flower farmers can color petals using their own cultivation methods, and a flower shop in Hida Takayama has developed it as a "pressed flower sheet."
The living flowers wither and turn brown. Given this sad reality, we have developed a unique manufacturing method that we have developed after three years of careful consideration with craftsmen to create a way to maintain and enjoy the beauty of flowers for a long time.
A "Flower Pen" with small flowers trapped in it like ice.

<Request regarding storage of refills>

Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures.

<About compatibility with commercially available products>

Metal fittings: Made by DAYACOM in Germany

We have confirmed that the following manufacturer's products are compatible.

  • Parker type: Refill for oil-based ballpoint pen 0.7mm (black)
  • Mitsubishi Pencil for oil-based ballpoint pens (customizable)

*Please specify "Parker type" when purchasing at a stationery store.
The spring is not attached to the refill. Please be careful not to lose it.
To replace the lead, remove it by pulling it from side to side centering on the pen fittings.
Turn the black knob refill slightly to the right and remove it.

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