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Shape Pen Low Center of Gravity for Writing Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm Ebony/Kokutan SB1800

Shape Pen Low Center of Gravity for Writing Ballpoint Pen 0.5mm Ebony/Kokutan SB1800

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“ShapePen” series

The streamlined form has a center of gravity at the tip of the pen for good balance in use, and features a uniquely designed shape that reduces fatigue even when used for a long time. This writing instrument is carved from rare wood among nature's blessings, and has a design that allows you to feel the warmth of the wood's skin. It's a dish you'll want to have with you forever.



Ebony, sandalwood, and ironwood are called the three major woods.
A high-quality material that once entered Japan via China (Tang).

<Producing area>

Originally, Southeast Asia was the main production area, but now Africa is the main production area, and brown and black striped ebony is the mainstream.
It is a valuable material that will be depleted in the near future due to the logging of jet black ebony.


It is a very heavy and hard material, making it extremely difficult to process.
Extremely durable. It is a rare wood, and the more you use it, the more it becomes shiny.
Beautiful wood grain floating in the black.

<Color tone>

The sapwood is pale red, and the heartwood has alternating stripes of black and pale red. Rarely, some are completely black, and they are called true ebony or true black (tuna), and those with striped heather are called striped ebony (MacArthur ebony in English).


Furniture, Buddhist altars, musical instruments, golf club heads, etc.

<Ballpoint pen>

Metal fittings: Made in Germany by DAYACOM Core/Black: 0.5mm
Comes standard with refills for oil-based ballpoint pens.The size indication of a ballpoint pen is the diameter of the ball at the nib.

・About compatibility with commercially available products

It can be replaced with the "4C type" from a domestic manufacturer (Tombow).
Mitsubishi Jet Stream Prime Refill SXR-200 Replaceable *Spring is not attached to the refill. Please be careful not to lose it.

I would like to recommend it as a heartfelt gift.

  • To celebrate passing exams, admission, etc.
  • To celebrate getting a job
  • For those in sales and customer service who often open their notebooks in front of customers.
  • For stores that often require customers to sign when paying by card.
  • As a gift for those who have taken care of you
  • To reward yourself for your hard work

Shape Pen features a smooth and stable writing experience due to its low center of gravity design. Ballpoint pen 0.5mm with a low center of gravity. With its beautiful ebony wood grain and unique solid feel, it is a book that calms your mind just by writing on it.
This product is handcrafted one by one by skilled craftsmen. While taking advantage of the texture of the wood, it is meticulously processed using the latest technology to ensure a smooth writing experience that lasts.
The warmth and comfort of wood is an attractive feature that other ballpoint pens do not have. With a shape that fits comfortably in your hand and a well-balanced weight, you'll enjoy writing.
This Shape Pen 0.5 mm ballpoint pen with a low center of gravity will make your writing time even more special.
Would you like to give it as a present or a reward for yourself?

*After use, close the cap properly and store away from direct sunlight and hot and humid places.

Free shipping (Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands only)
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