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Acrylic&Wood bitter cheek /teak x BK TWD1603 CROSS type

Acrylic&Wood bitter cheek /teak x BK TWD1603 CROSS type

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Acrylic & Wood Mix

It is an attractive handmade design that combines wood and acrylic materials, sandwiching them together and carving them out, with themes that match the tree species.
When you pick it up, each piece is a wonderful piece that brings to mind the artist's image theme.



Deciduous broad-leaved tree. It is counted as one of the three major precious woods in the world, and is known as a high-quality material for its beautiful grain and strong durability, making it a very popular wood all over the world.
The biggest feature is that the chalk contains high-quality oil and wood tar, so it is resistant to friction and does not change over time without painting.


Building materials, luxury furniture, ships

acrylic resin

Acrylic resin is the most durable of all plastics and maintains beautiful transparency.

Impact resistance

It boasts 10 to 16 times the impact resistance of glass.


It is highly resistant to UV rays and will not deteriorate even after 10 to 20 years.


It boasts greater transparency than glass. Glass has a light transmittance of 92%, while acrylic resin has a light transmittance of 93%.

electrical insulation

The material can withstand high voltage and has high insulation properties.

Temperature adaptability

Can withstand temperatures from -40℃ to +60℃.


Cross type 0.7mm (Mitsubishi Pencil ballpoint lead SK-8)

<Request regarding storage of refills>

Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures.

<About compatibility with commercially available products>

We have confirmed that the following manufacturer's products are compatible.

  • CROSS type oil-based ballpoint pen refill 0.7mm
  • Can be used with Mitsubishi Pencil oil-based ballpoint pens (replacement lead SK-8, etc.)

*Please specify "cross type" when purchasing at a stationery store.
The spring is not attached to the refill. Please be careful not to lose it.
To replace the lead, remove it by pulling it from side to side centering on the pen fittings.
Turn the black knob refill slightly to the right and remove it.

Free shipping (Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands only)
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