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World Rare Tree Brush Pen Yakusugi/Yakusugi TFP1810 be with ink cartridge

World Rare Tree Brush Pen Yakusugi/Yakusugi TFP1810 be with ink cartridge

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Rare tree of the world, Yakusugi/Brush pen

A high-quality brush pen for top-class businesspeople.This is an original writing instrument made from rare wood, made possible with the cooperation of Akashiya Co., Ltd., a long-established manufacturer in Nara.

The use of brushes is not limited to haiku and poetry for New Year's cards, but has recently become popular among illustration artists. A brush pen made of precious wood that you can't buy anywhere else.



As a symbol of longevity, it is prized as a precious wood that brings good luck and is said to be ``too bad.''


Among Yakushima's cedar trees, those that are over 1000 years old are called "Yakusugi".
The wood grain is clear and the bamboo grain pattern of the upper heather appears, giving it a special beauty, and it is characterized by not distorting even with complicated wood grains.
The wood is hard and contains about 6 times more resin than normal wood, so it has antiseptic, antibacterial, and insect repellent effects, and it retains a unique scent even after processing.
Currently, logging is prohibited, so only timber from before the ban and fallen trees are in circulation, making it an extremely rare and high-quality timber.


It is used as a high-quality material for building fittings, architectural ceiling panels, hangings, transoms, furniture, and crafts.

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Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures.

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