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Traditional Craft Deer Lacquer Leather (Shishikiku) Diamond Chrysanthemum (Black) PIN1611 PARKER type

Traditional Craft Deer Lacquer Leather (Shishikiku) Diamond Chrysanthemum (Black) PIN1611 PARKER type

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[Deer lacquer leather/Inden] Ballpoint pen

"Deer lacquer leather" refers to the soft leather of the muntjac deer that has been tanned and has various Japanese patterns painted on it with lacquer. It is a traditional craft that has been passed down since the Nara period, and has been used to gently wipe musical instruments and worn under armor. From around the Edo period, when the war ended, it became popular among townspeople as a drawstring bag, taking advantage of its soft and durable characteristics. Shoe craftsmen roll the leather (known as Inden leather) one by one and sew them together.

A high-quality ballpoint pen made by craftsmen using deer lacquer leather, a traditional Japanese craft.This deer lacquer leather ballpoint pen exudes a sense of luxury just by holding it in your hand. We use genuine deer lacquer leather, which is carefully hand-finished one by one by craftsmen. Therefore, even the same product may have different textures.
Deer lacquer leather is made from part of the leather from a deer's back, giving it both beauty and strength, and its unique texture gives it a luxurious feel. In addition, the ballpoint pens, which have been carefully finished by craftsmen over time, are extremely comfortable to use, making them perfect for yourself or as a gift for a loved one.
A luxurious ballpoint pen made from deer lacquer leather, a traditional Japanese craft. Would you like to try your hand at this luxurious item?

*Deer lacquer leather products are made from high-quality natural materials. Please handle with care as this may cause discoloration or deterioration.

<Request regarding storage of refills>

Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures.

<About compatibility with commercially available products>

Metal fittings: Manufactured by DAYACOM, Germany We have confirmed that the following manufacturer's products are compatible.

  • Parker type: Refill for oil-based ballpoint pen 0.7mm (black)
  • Mitsubishi Pencil for oil-based ballpoint pens (customizable)

*Please specify "Parker type" when purchasing at a stationery store.
The spring is not attached to the refill. Please be careful not to lose it.
To replace the ink, remove the pen by pulling it from side to side centering on the pen fitting.

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