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Fountain pen made of rare wood Yakusugi/Yakusugi TWM2303 Magnet Cap type/with converter

Fountain pen made of rare wood Yakusugi/Yakusugi TWM2303 Magnet Cap type/with converter

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As a symbol of eternal youth and longevity, it is prized as a valuable precious wood that brings good luck and is said to ``prevent misfortune.''

<Producing area>

A natural cedar that grows wild in the mountains of Yakushima, Kagoshima Prefecture, at an altitude of over 500m.


Among Yakushima's cedar trees, those that are over 1000 years old are called "Yakusugi".
The wood grain is clear and the bamboo grain pattern of the upper heather appears, giving it a special beauty, and it is characterized by not distorting even with complicated wood grains. The wood is hard and contains about 6 times more resin than normal wood, so it has antiseptic, antibacterial, and insect repellent effects, and it retains a unique scent even after processing. Currently, logging is prohibited, so only wood from before the ban and fallen trees (thinned wood) are in circulation, making it an extremely rare and high-quality wood.

<Color tone>

The heartwood is reddish brown.


It is used as a high-quality material for building fittings, architectural ceiling panels, hangings, transoms, furniture, and crafts.

"Precious wood fountain pen" series

This fountain pen is made from precious natural wood, which is known as a high-quality furniture material. This is an original fountain pen that allows you to feel the warmth of the wood. As you use it, the color and luster will change and you can enjoy the aging process, making it your one and only writing instrument in this world. The pen tip uses a German (alloy made by DAYACOM company) medium point, which is loved by people all over the world, and the converter (built-in) and cartridge are replaceable.

A fountain pen made of rare wood that shines through the precision of craftsmanship. The thick shaft is made of jet black ebony, giving it not only beauty but also a solid feel. The fountain pen has a European-style hard alloy nib at the end, which is designed to provide a good writing experience and quality.
As a fountain pen, it is compatible with both cartridge type and converter type. You can adjust the line thickness to suit your preference. Another feature is that the ink color tends to remain.
This fountain pen is our original model and is made from a rare species of ebony, known as one of Asia's three most precious woods. If you are looking for an artistic writing instrument, please give it a try.
Your daily writing may become a little more luxurious.

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