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Rare tree octagonal mechanical pencil / black wood TOW210 0.5mm knock type

Rare tree octagonal mechanical pencil / black wood TOW210 0.5mm knock type

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"Octagonal mechanical pencil" series

Since ancient times, the octagon has been said to be ``auspicious'' and has the meanings of ``prosperity,'' ``luck,'' and ``happiness.'' In Feng Shui, the octagon is considered the most auspicious shape. It has both yin and yang, and its well-balanced and stable shape is considered to be an auspicious item that improves your luck. In addition, the octagon is called "Hakke" and is said to have the power to repel bad energy, keep evil spirits away, and attract good fortune from all directions. The kanji character "eight" has long been said to mean "expanding at the end," and the octagonal shape is considered auspicious in both the East and the West.
Furthermore, in Christianity, the number 8 is considered important as it is a symbol of resurrection.


[Other names] Grenadilla Wood, African ebony, African ebony Fabaceae

<Producing area>

It grows in the savanna of Tanzania, Mozambique, etc.


The division of the sapwood is clear: the sapwood is yellowish-white, and the heartwood is dark purple-brown to black.
The wood is extremely heavy and hard, making it difficult to process. The surface of the material is dense, homogeneous, and has a glossy finish. The surface of the material has a slight oily taste.


It is used for woodwind instruments such as oboes and clarinets because it has a good sound quality and is suitable for potter's wheel processing. It is also used for fountain pen shafts, knife handles, walking sticks, inlays, etc.


Very similar to ebony, which is a member of the Arcanaceae family, African blackwood is a member of the Fabaceae family, and is related to rosewood and rosewood. It is harder than ebony and has a smooth surface.

<Metal fittings>

Made in Germany by DAYACOM/Mechanical pencil 0.5mm
<Request regarding storage of refills>
Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures.

<About compatibility with commercially available products>

We have confirmed that commercially available manufacturer's products are compatible.
*Please specify "0.5mm" when purchasing at a stationery store.
The spring is not attached to the refill. Please be careful not to lose it.

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