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木肌の優しい銘木 Wood爪楊枝入れ /つまようじ ウォルナット SY15001

木肌の優しい銘木 Wood爪楊枝入れ /つまようじ ウォルナット SY15001

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<Handmade miscellaneous goods>

toothpick holder

As the product name suggests, this toothpick holder is made from precious wood with a gentle texture. When you hold it in your hand, you can feel a warm and relaxing feeling, and it has been well received for its convenience and ease of use.
We offer unique pieces handcrafted one by one by artisans made from precious wood. The grain of the precious wood has a deep color and a soft texture.
Our toothpick holder will create a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere just by keeping it on hand.
Please be careful to avoid getting it wet or close to fire, and we recommend regular maintenance to keep it clean. Please try this precious wood toothpick holder where you can feel the warmth of natural materials.

We are a company that plans and produces original miscellaneous goods that are characterized by manufacturing that utilizes the local resources of Gifu, a mountainous country, and in order to convey the charm of the local Gifu. Utilizing traditional Japanese crafts, we mainly produce writing instruments and small miscellaneous goods in order to convey the gentleness of handmade products.



High-quality material that is considered one of the four major European furniture woods. (The remaining three are oak, mahogany, and ash) The grain is somewhat unclear. It has a warm gray-brown color with a slight purple tinge (there may be individual differences), and it is strong, tenacious, and lightweight, and it is easy to process because it is a soft hardwood. It has a glossy finish and becomes more flavorful with age and the influence of tannins.
Representative of American lumber.

<Producing area>

Eastern United States and Ontario, Canada. In particular, Missouri, Ohio, and Indiana are the main producing areas.

<Color tone>

The division of heart sapwood is clear. The sapwood is milky white to grayish-purple, and the heartwood is light brown to dark brown with a purple tinge. It often has irregular shading stripes.
Most woods tend to darken in color when exposed to the sun, but walnut, on the other hand, becomes lighter in color.


It is one of the highest quality materials for furniture because it is strong and tenacious, does not warp easily, and is easy to process.
Crafts, miscellaneous goods, interior materials such as flooring and doors.
Additionally, most rifle stocks (grips) are made of walnut.

<Request regarding storage>

Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures.

<About compatibility with commercially available products>

You can use commercially available toothpicks.
Rotate the adjustment fitting at the end of the ring to the right and remove it.
If you want to fix it, turn the adjustment bracket counterclockwise to stop it.

●Free shipping (Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands only)
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