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Metal Pen Advanced Polishing Technology Metal Ballpoint Pen/Aluminum Knock Type KMB210

Metal Pen Advanced Polishing Technology Metal Ballpoint Pen/Aluminum Knock Type KMB210

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<Metal Pen>

Shinshu, the ``Switzerland of the East,'' has reliable technology that Japan is proud of.
It is known for having a variety of precision machinery parts factories, from luxury watches to automobile parts.
We polished and manufactured pen holders using detailed techniques in a workshop near the Minami-Shinshu Iida factory.


It is called light silver (keigin) because it is light and resembles silver in appearance.
It is a silver-white, soft, light metal that is highly malleable and ductile, and can be made into thin foil.
Because of its high reflectivity, high-purity aluminum is used in reflective mirrors for optical equipment.
It is also used in electrolytic capacitor foils, magnetic disks, laser reflectors, vapor deposition materials for integrated circuits, etc. Because of its light weight, it is used in aircraft, automobiles, ships, and railways, and because it is a good conductor of electricity, it is used in power transmission lines.

<Ballpoint pen>

Metal fittings: Made in Germany by DAYACOM Core/Black: 0.7mm
Comes standard with refills for oil-based ballpoint pens.The size of the ballpoint pen is the diameter of the ball at the nib.

Regarding compatibility with commercially available products

It can be replaced with the "4C type" from a domestic manufacturer (Tombow).
Mitsubishi Jet Stream Prime Refill SXR-200 Replaceable

Free shipping (Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands only)
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