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Fountain pen made of rare wood Karin Kobu Moku/Karin TWM2301 Magnet Cap type/with converter

Fountain pen made of rare wood Karin Kobu Moku/Karin TWM2301 Magnet Cap type/with converter

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Karin/Karin (Kobu heather)


With a play on words, it is said to carry the good luck of ``lending money, but not borrowing,'' and that if you plant ``quince'' in the front of your garden and ``oak tree'' in the back, it will be good for business.

<Producing area>

Taiwan, Northern Thailand


Reddish-brown to yellowish-brown, with clear growth rings. It has a dark and light striped pattern, and on rare occasions, beautiful knobs appear.
There are few distortions or cracks, and although it is heavy and hard, it has good workability. Since it is a cross-grained wood, it is easy to get side grains, so be careful when planing. It becomes glossy when polished, but it does not change much over time.

<Color tone>

The division of the sapwood is clear: the sapwood is pale yellowish-white, and the heartwood is reddish-brown with a slight purplish tinge. The grain of the wood intersects, and a ribbon pattern appears on the straight-grained surface.


Furniture, utensils, musical instruments, karaki Buddhist altars, etc. It is used as a building material for floor pillars and floor coverings, and as a vehicle material for siding and floor coverings.

"Precious wood fountain pen" series

This fountain pen is made from precious natural wood, which is known as a high-quality furniture material. This is an original fountain pen that allows you to feel the warmth of the wood. As you use it, the color and luster will change and you can enjoy the aging process, making it your one and only writing instrument in this world. The pen tip uses a German (alloy made by DAYACOM company) medium point, which is loved by people all over the world, and the converter (built-in) and cartridge are replaceable.

A fountain pen made of rare wood that shines through the precision of craftsmanship. The thick shaft is made of jet black ebony, giving it not only beauty but also a solid feel. The fountain pen has a European-style hard alloy nib at the end, which is designed to provide a good writing experience and quality.
As a fountain pen, it is compatible with both cartridge type and converter type. You can adjust the line thickness to suit your preference. Another feature is that the ink color tends to remain.
This fountain pen is our original model and is made from a rare species of ebony, known as one of Asia's three most precious woods. If you are looking for an artistic writing instrument, please give it a try.
Your daily writing may become a little more luxurious.

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