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World Rare Tree Brush Pen Karin Kobumoku/Karin TFP1810 or Ink Cartridge Included

World Rare Tree Brush Pen Karin Kobumoku/Karin TFP1810 or Ink Cartridge Included

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Rare trees of the world: Karin kobumowaki / Brush pen

A high-quality brush pen for top-class businesspeople.This is an original writing instrument made from rare wood, made possible with the cooperation of Akashiya Co., Ltd., a long-established manufacturer in Nara.

The use of brushes is not limited to haiku and poetry for New Year's cards, but has recently become popular among illustration artists. A brush pen made of precious wood that you can't buy anywhere else.

Karin/Karin (Kobu heather)


With a play on words, it is said to carry the good luck of ``lending money, but not borrowing,'' and that if you plant ``quince'' in the front of your garden and ``oak tree'' in the back, it will be good for business.


It is reddish-brown to yellow-brown in color with clear growth rings. It has a dark and light striped pattern, and on rare occasions, beautiful knobs appear.
There are few distortions or cracks, and although it is heavy and hard, it has good workability. Since it is a cross-grained wood, it is easy to get side grains, so be careful when planing. It becomes glossy when polished, but it does not change much over time.


Furniture, utensils, musical instruments, karaki Buddhist altars, etc. It is used as a building material for floor pillars and floor coverings, and as a vehicle material for siding and floor coverings.

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Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures.

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