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Air Brush Wood Pen Guitar Painting Cherry Wood TGT1610 PARKER type

Air Brush Wood Pen Guitar Painting Cherry Wood TGT1610 PARKER type

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<Guitar painting pen>

We have reproduced the sunburst paint of high-end guitars to the fullest.
A ballpoint pen that looks like a musical instrument and is made of natural wood with urethane paint sprayed on it using an airbrush.
Each piece is carefully and painstakingly painted. Beautiful gradation-like body painting that looks like the wood grain is transparent. Urethane clear paint is sprayed onto natural wood using an airbrush to create vibrant colors, luster, and a smooth texture.

<How sunburst painting was born>

Sunburst painting on guitars is a so-called blurring effect. This has the effect of creating continuity in body color.
This coating has become synonymous with high-end guitars, as it is derived from stringed instruments such as violins, which are essential to classical music.
Even now, musical instrument manufacturers such as Gibson and Fender prefer the luxurious sunburst finish.

cherry wood


Spring Elephant Cherry is a broad-leaved tree that grows widely in North America, and is a tree that grows over a wide area, mainly in the eastern parts of the United States and Canada. The heartwood is pale reddish-brown, creating a gentle atmosphere.

It has excellent hardness that allows the blade to pass through easily, has excellent workability, has a tenacity that resists chipping, and is also water resistant.
It has a gentle color and fine texture, so just polishing it gives it a shine, and the more you use it, the more glossy it becomes. The color changes from orange to red with age.


Cherry wood is often used for tables because it is water resistant and has excellent durability. It also has a smooth texture, so you can create a warm dining table. As you watch the color of the table gradually change, you will feel the history of the family that sat around the table. In addition, it is often used for flooring because it is comfortable to the touch.
Cherry wood flooring has a finish that makes you want to walk on it barefoot.
Even without redecorating, the color of the cherry wood changes over time, allowing you to create a space with a variety of expressions.


Parker type 0.7mm (Mitsubishi Pencil ballpoint lead SK-8)

<Request regarding storage of refills>

Store in a cool place, avoiding high temperatures.

<About compatibility with commercially available products>

Metal fittings: Manufactured by DAYACOM, Germany We have confirmed that the following manufacturer's products are compatible.

  • Parker type: Refill for oil-based ballpoint pen 0.7mm (black)
  • Mitsubishi Pencil for oil-based ballpoint pens (customizable)

*Please specify "Parker type" when purchasing at a stationery store.
The spring is not attached to the refill. Please be careful not to lose it.
To replace the lead, remove it by pulling it from side to side centering on the pen fittings.
Turn the black knob refill slightly to the right and remove it.

Free shipping (Hokkaido, Okinawa, remote islands only)
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